To join the Redbridge Timebank click here

There is a Timebank in Redbridge and Sophia Hubs is proud to be running it. 🙂Redbridge Timebank logo

A Timebank helps people in the borough to connect and get the help they need.  This includes residents, start-ups, community groups and businesses.  People and organisations join because they have a skill to offer or need some help.

Join our next Timebank  event on Tues 28th March 2016 12.30-3pm at Redbridge Institute

There is no financial cost. The ‘currency’ is one hour of time.  It’s flexible so you can do as little or as many time exchanges as you want. There’s a database of members and skills and we run skills swap and trading events regularly.

Example: Anita get help from Richard with Ebay, he has a session with Diksha on yogic breathing, who gets help for her community group’s Facebook page from Carlton, who gets help from Amanda with his accounts, and gets some French conversation practise from Corine who uses her credit to get a flyer designed for her community group. 

As you can see, Timebanks are a good way of building up the ‘sharing economy’. They

Martin Linked In Usha

help with Linked In

also have a positive impact on the local money economy and we’ve got many stories to prove it.

There are over 600 Timebanks in the Country.  Ours is an ECHO Timebank and  you can also sign up for their London business Timebank with over 2500 business.

Sign up for the Redbridge Timebank Here. Sign up for the ECHO Timebank here. Sign up for updates on Timebank events by emailing ros.southern@sophiahubs.com.

Please Like our Facebook page, the Sophia Hubs Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @redbridgetb and Sophia Hubs on twitter @sophiahubs7k . If you want to help us develop and run the Timebank, get in touch!

Richard on EbayTo take a look at some of our past events… March 2015, April 2015, June 2015, an intergenerational skills swap Sept 2015 There are also special workshops being offered, therapeutic/relaxation events ,the opportunity to trade one-to-one or join a Timebank live trading floor.  Glendas session best




Ros Southern
07707 460309

3 thoughts on “Timebank

    1. rossouthern Post author

      Rita big big apologies for the delay in replying. The website was not functioning properly but this got sorted on Monday. One of the Timebank vols could ring you Monday between 12 and 3 if you would like. Or see you able to make the Timebank event on Tuesday evening? The phone number for Timebank and Sophia hubs is 07707 460309. But can you make Tuesday? https://sophiahubs7k.wordpress.com/2016/02/18/redbridge-timebank-community-skills-trading-and-social-market-place-23-feb-6pm-at-marjorie-collins-centre-2/



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