Sophia Course

Be an active citizen or entrepreneur in Redbridge!

The Sophia course is about building confidence as community  entrepreneurs, whether a one off  activity, a project or a business. Most of us have identified a community problem or need and come up with a solution or two but not taken any further. This is your chance to take it forward and test it out. It is a reflective and participatory community engagement course.yellow box March 2016

It runs for 6-8 hours in 2-4 sessions which can be tailored for different settings.  It works best with good mix of people with some working on a business idea and others on a community idea.

course final photo March 2015


Course aim-  To develop your business or community idea and make it bite-sized enough to try out a small pilot within 3 months 🙂

group photo

To find out about the next course or to discuss ideas for running the course in your context, please do get in touch.


Read about our last course in January 2017.   Next  course scheduled for March.

Here’s what other graduates have done:SH logo final 2014

4 thoughts on “Sophia Course

  1. ubuntu314

    Upcycling is great lovely to see the reused bike parts into ‘Art’ that also has a useful function. Combining something beautiful with a practical function. Great!!


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