Week international course for youth organisations and workers. Funded. 2-10 Sept. Bucks.

We are delighted to promote an Erasmus international partnership-building course for organisations working with youth.   This is being organised by Redbridge start-up social enterprise Act 4 Grants.  Adrian Gheorghe had over 10 years experience of running such trainings before establishing his social enterprise.

2nd – 16th September, residential, Buckinghamshire.

Adrian GheorgeThe main goal of the project is to organize an international Partnership-building-Activity in which will be involved 45 youth leaders, youth workers and NGO representatives coming from 14 different countries across Europe. The countries are: UK, Malta, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey.

The international Partnership-building-Activity will ensure the professional and organizational development, and the fostering of new partnerships and projects.

The event will ensure the professional and organizational development, and the fostering of new partnerships and projects making a big impact in our communities.

The international event will be based on non formal education, learning-by-doing methods and inter cultural dialogue and communication that will be conducted by using an interactive and participatory approach. 

Adrian Gheorge office@Act4Grants.org

For more information see this pdf document. Call Participants-Homogeneous Youth course 2-10 Sept 2107 London.


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