Find an unused space – run a community festival in Redbridge!

Boy chalking bike Mini Green Fair

Well  done to Redbridge Green Fair and Redbridge Music Lounge for organising a fab event in Barkingside Town Square, (Ken Aston Square) yesterday!

Sophia Hubs has been working with Barkingside residents, shops and community/business groups, Vision and the Council to hold a festival on 4th July to promote Independent Retail Day and Barkingside High Street

Ken Aston Square is now 3 years old and so far there have been very few events, which we see as a waste of resources and opportunities.  Alongside Redbridge Green Fair and Redbridge Music Lounge, we have been identifying and working through the  barriers to using the Square for local community and business events.

Please do support our event on Tuesday 4th July if you can.   The shops are making their way to the Town Square to engage with the public and each other. There will be great selection of food from local shops and also stalls. 🙂

Barkingside flyer V2

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