We’re piloting an Independent Retail Month event in Barkingside on 4th July – first meeting coming up!

We are delighted to be supporting Redbridge independent retailers and businesses with a pilot event in the Borough to mark 4th July Independents Day.

We’ve chosen Barkingside as the High Street pilot because:

  • There’s a fab Town Square – the Ken Aston Square which is being under-utilised
  • There’s energy in the area with the new Barkingside business hub meetings
  • There’s a few local people who know all the shop keepers..
  • There’s local businesses already interested…
  • There’s an elderly stalwart resident, Harvey, who has made it his business to know every shopkeeper and welcome every new shop that opens.

I know that there is a feeling in Barkingside, and in many parts of the Borough, that the High Street is declining.   I think, put the other way round, there’s a strong feeling that High Streets are very important for community and business life.  We sought a little bit of funding from Redbridge Small Grants Fund to pilot an event to mark Independents Retail Month in July.

It is exciting to capitalise on the work of resident Harvey Sharpe,  the new Barkingside business hub, the new initiative of Hi-Juice in Barkingside High Street (free mentoring to Barkingside start-ups or micro businesses that want to scale up) and of course the active Barkingside 21 community group. Ros Southern

It’s at an early stage,  but watch this space to see what we all come up with! The meetings  are open to shops, residents, businesses, schools, community groups in the Barkingside areaINdie retail meetings and advance notice

For more information, see the flyer above.


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