Sophia Hubs and Timebank proud to win Redbridge Mayor Community Champion 2017 Award

Redbridge Mayor community awards

We are very grateful for the recognition shown for our journey of 3 years to become a organisational community champion award winners in 2017.

Thanks so much to our nominator who I think may want to keep it secret!

Here’s the citation that was read out:

Sophia Hub Redbridge offers practical support to help individuals/groups to start up/to set up a social enterprise or small business. Help is on hand to kick start new businesses, projects and services that meet the needs of the area. They are committed and passionate about wanting to increase the networks and connections within the community to support social entrepreneurs and local residents. Sophia Hubs help faith communities become catalysts to make the communities they serve become more truly sustainable. The focus is on identifying what is needed to build the local community and to support new ventures which address these issues with sound business models.

Also the Timebanks work creatively to build relationships and offer a way to exchange value without using money – putting everyone, employed or unemployed, on a level playing field as they exchange services with each other. The opportunity to develop and practice skills, discover potential products or services which could be marketed, acquiring training, recording volunteering hours and receiving services which might be a struggle to afford financially.

Overall, the work creates ways of keeping value and money circulating in the local community.


With many thanks to the volunteers, Directors, supporters,  partners and friends for being part of our journey.  Long may it continue!


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