My micro business is successful because I outsourced. Suzanne Ekpenyong is speaker at entrepreneurs club Tues 1pm

suzanne ekpenyongWe have an exciting speaker for our Entrepreneurs Club on Tuesday 14th March 1-3pm at Redbridge Central Library: Suzanne Ekpenyong from Bilingual Solutions Ltd.

Suzanne will be giving members and guests a talk about growing their businesses through outsourcing. It is very tempting as a new business, to try and complete all of the tasks yourself. But what often happens is task end up being completed hurriedly or not at all. On Tuesday Suzanne will share her tips on how we can save ourselves time and money, through outsourcing services.

  • Sophia Hubs entrepreneurs’ clubBilingual solutions Ltd logo
  • Tuesday 14  March, 1-3pm
  • York Room,  Ilford Library (1st floor)
  • Open to members, those wishing to find out more about our membership and guests

The entrepreneurs’ club will bring together a range of start-ups to have input from our speaker and an opportunity to network and for peer support  🙂

celestine-ekpenyongCelestine Ekpenyong is currently job-sharing as Coordinator and he will be able to talk you through the new Sophia Hubs membership scheme and its advantages for you.

A little bit about Suzanne:

Suzanne Ekpenyong founded Bilingual Solutions in 2015, providing international SMEs and individuals with a range of Virtual Executive Support and International Communication services. Before starting her own business, Suzanne worked in England and France as an Executive Personal Assistant; as a Press and Public Relations Officer, as a Translator and Tutor. This wealth of experience inspired her to create Bilingual Solutions.

Now based in London, she uses organisational and multi-lingual skills to provide solutions for clients, such as administrative assistance, schedule management, translation and language coaching. Her objective is to provide a reliable, expert, international support service, thereby helping clients to achieve and maintain success on a global scale.

Come along  on Tuesday to find out more about our new membership scheme. 

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