Our 3 levels of membership launching today

Join the Sophia Hubs movement! A collaborative network of residents, businesses, community groups and statutory sectors in Redbridge, creating a wealth of resources, connections and local solutions.

Open from Wednesday 1 March 2017bronze-silver-gold

The three levels of membership are:

Bronze and  Silver for start-ups, community groups, micro businesses, non VAT  registered businesses 

Bronze – Fortnightly entrepreneurs’ club (other than monthly special), entrepreneurs’club will be fortnightly from April, Timebank events, networking opportunities, weekly re tweets and Facebook Likes, weekly information, access to closed Facebook group, certificate, Sophia Hubs shareholder To become a Bronze member 🙂
Silver – all of the above and monthly special entrepreneurs’ club, access to temporary promotion feature on our website, reductions at the paid seminars/events we will be running, support to write guest blogs/promotions on our website, regular social media promotion, help to trade on the Timebank. To become a silver member 🙂

Gold for SME’s with up to 10 employees

Gold– for established businesses that want access to start-ups, promotion and an opportunity to contribute and develop CSR programmes: all of the above and permanent promotion on on our website as a sponsor. To become a gold member 🙂

Platinum for larger  businesses- coming  soon

More info to follow! 🙂

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