Sophia Hubs membership scheme starts 1st March – read about it here!

Join Sophia Hubs- a Redbridge business and community network

Why a membership scheme?
We feel confident we have proved our value to start-ups, businesses and community gBuy socialroups in Redbridge and nearby. Our pilot funding by Redbridge Council is about to end. We are a social enterprise that needs to raise our own funds and not be reliant on funding.
We are confident that we have a Unique Selling Point (USP)

What is our USP?

  • We have established a very large and growing network of contacts, support and good will among the business, community and statutory sectors in Redbridge. We are expertcropped-sh-logo-final-2014-e1397227444529.jpg linkers, collaborators and signposters. We have our ear to the ground and our fingers on the pulse. If you want customers, colleagues, partners, collaborators, community engagement, ideas, help, advice, information or a listening ear, we are your first port of call.
  • We run weekly events at varying times to suit everyone
  • We are a movement!
    • …We encourage businesses to be community minded and community groups to be business minded
      …We actively support and develop the sharing economy and the local money economy
      …We harness the goodwill, resources and wisdom in the locality of the Sophia Hub.

What will the cost of annual membership be?
bronze-silver-goldBronze – £25 per year. Silver £50 per year. Gold £250 per year
(£1 from this fee will enable you to become a shareholder in our Company)
There will be an opportunity to pay in 2 installments for bronze and silver.   There will be reductions next year for anyone you get to sign up.

What do I get for my money?
Bronze – fortnightly entrepreneurs’ club (other than monthly special), Timebank events, networking opportunities, weekly re tweets and Facebook Likes, weekly information, access to closed Facebook group, certificate, Sophia Hubs shareholder
Silver – all of the above and monthly special entrepreneurs’ club, access to temporary promotion feature on our website, reductions at the paid seminars/events we will be running, support to write guest blogs/promotions on our website, regular social media promotion, help to trade on the Timebank
Gold– for established businesses that want access to start-ups, promotion and an opportunity to contribute and develop CSR programmes: all of the above and permanent promotion on on our website as a sponsor.

Will any services be free?
Redbridge Timebank logoYes. The Timebank will be free to join and all Timebank skills swap events. The weekly mailing is open to everyone. You can attend your first entrepreneurs’ club to try it  out. For regular volunteers, the membership will be free.

Why should I join?
You want to develop your business or project. You want to raise your business profile within the local community. You want to be tapped in to our network. You want ongoing networking and development opportunities. You want to belong to our movement. You want us to promote your business or project. You want to access our Facebook group and forums. You want to be a card-holding member and support our work.

How do I pay?
We are setting up a membership area on our website and a GoCardless online payment system. We will also take cheques.  More info to  follow.

What is the Sophia Hubs shareholder scheme?
We are an Industrial and Provident Society which is a not for profit organisation. Anyone that accepts our values can become a shareholder for £1. This means you have a nominal stake in our business and have voting rights at our general meetings.

What are the dates of meetings and events so that I can put in my diary?
The dates will be scheduled 3 months in advance from 1st March

Who is part of Sophia Hubs team and what is their experience?
Thanks for asking! Take a look at our Meet the Team page


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