Kenneth More Theatre invites me to exhibit watercolours- Ray McSharry guest blog

Kenneth More Theatre is a Redbridge pop up art venue

flowers-raymond-mcsharry-1I’m very proud to be the current artist in residence at the Kenneth More Theatre.  I live in Ilford and spend time a lot of time here and I tend to get chatting with people. I knew the theatre had an  exhibition space and taking the time to ask about it turned out very well for me!  The theatre takes a proportion of any artwork that I sell and so it has mutual benefit.

I’ve been sketching and painting off and on for most of my life, since taking it up as a child during long summer holidays in Ireland where I would sketch the animals on my Grandparent’s small farm.

I love the watercolour medium as it’s very convenient and portable, as well as exciting and unpredictable.  My style is loose and impressionistic rather than exact. My exhibition is of my flower paintings.

ray-mcsharryI live locally and and want to start a sketching group, including instruction in watercolour and mount cutting. This is something I’ve thought about for  a while and have now committed to it on the Sophia course!.  If you’re interested, please call or email me: Tel: 07402 118889

This is my website  I have been thinking of changing the name but the people I have spoken to at the Sophia course and entrepreneurs’ club have  been  very complimentary about the site.  They are telling me that ‘I am the brand’!

I hope you can take a look at the exhibition and I would like to thank the Kenneth More Theatre for  this opportunity.



One thought on “Kenneth More Theatre invites me to exhibit watercolours- Ray McSharry guest blog

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