Meeting in the Redbridge Mayor’s parlour – can Sophia Hubs be of help?

A look at the Redbridge Mayor’s  charities fundraising  events

It was nice to be invited to the Mayor’s parlour.

I had a look at the Mayor’s exciting schedule of fundraising events in March  and April.redbridge-mayor-gurdial-with-ros

  • 7 March – curry night
  • 23 March – Mayors Awards ceremony
  • 24 March  –  Redbridge has Got Talent
  • 26 March –  SEVA  action day (selfless community action)
  • 2 April -Family Fun run

The Redbridge Mayor role as fundraiser for the chosen Redbridge charities is a significant one for the Borough.  It’s a bit like crowdfunding and getting as wide an involvement in the Redbridge community as possible, where every penny helps.   The Mayor is actively approaching businesses and he sees this as a benefit to the businesses in the form of promotion and also the benefit for them of being involved and giving back.  Agreed!

Ideas which the Mayor found helpful:

  • Fun run: what activities and stalls could complement the business sponsors marquee  and the health theme to keep people there whilst the later  runners arrive?  I suggested local start-up business Weiningers Resistance Sliding to get people trying out the resistance training slider mat.  I also suggested a join-in dance session to help promote a local dance studio/business.  We suggested D-Style dance and a Bollywood session who came to our Christmas Spirit Timebank event.
  • Seva day: What ideas did I have for this event?  As I knew about the Mayor’s concern  for the environment I suggested for the bridge painting – use  the recycled paint from Forest Recyling Project, distributed by Ilford Recycles a few meters away from sponsorship marquee.  If the Mayor could identify a location  where  there could be environmental/community stalls, I thought the  Redbridge Green Fair would be willing to run that and could certainly identify green stalls.   I suggested Redbridge Lakes for a venue as it has a strong green ethos and is in our green business directory.
  • Ideas for business sponsors:  What about  Amey? I mentioned that we had posted a blog about the company wanting to engage with the Redbridge community.  He seemed to like  that.

And here’s the Mayor with a message about the importance of business and community partnerships.

Thanks for the  invite – nice cuppa!


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