Entrepreneurial 8th Goodmayes Scouts help Marjorie Collins fundraiser

marjorie-collins-table-top-sale-19-11-16Forgot to post this last Autumn! Thought it worth posting though 🙂

As part of its fundraising calendar, the Marjorie Collins Centre held a table top bazaar last Saturday. This year the Centre was supported by 8th Goodmayes Scouts and this practically doubled the profit from last year 🙂 Sophia  Hubs is pretty pleased about this  because the connection came through our Enterprising Redbridge project.

The 8th Goodmayes Scouts were a credit to the Scout Movement, nothing was too much trouble for them, they helped with their own table ,all the contents of which were donated by the Scouts and Beavers Families. They helped in the kitchen, setting up, tidying in fact anything that was asked of them.

They should be so proud of themselves for their involvement at The Marjorie Collins centre helping us raise funds to keep the centre open. We raised over £1,000 in total (still counting) of which £481.00 was raised by the scouts. My thanks and gratitude go out to each and every one involved.

Lorna Lawrence, Centre Coordinator

Tahir  Mahmud, Scout leader  says:

The sale was brilliant and we handed over a large chunk of  money to the Centre. Scouting tahir-mahmudis about giving and sharing. It  was an opportunity to reach out to a wider community and support a good cause. We look forward to supporting many more initiatives to help the local community. 

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