Latest Sophia course launches sketching club, sewing business pilot and two fab project pilots

New Redbridge community projects and start-up businesses – robust plans in place from Sophia course

sophia-course-jan-17-ray-and-ghazalaWe’ve just finished our latest Sophia course and we are confident that the ideas mulled over and worked on will bear fruit.

We are announcing:

  • A new sketching social club to be launched by March – open to anyone that would like to learn new skills, enjoy this way of relaxation and meet new people. Free to join
  • A start up pilot for local sewing classes leading on to art, wellbeing and crafts if it works out.
  • A project plan and timeline for a young entrepreneurs project with an event in global entrepreneurs week
  • A project plan to test interest in expanding green technology in Redbridge including bringing the first plastic to oil machine in the Borough.
  • Ghazala – I had a great chance of networking and taking from the group. I’m much clearer about my vision which was quite vague to start with.
  • Debbie – I have realised that something I’ve thought about for a while can actually come true. It’s made me realise It can be rolled out and there’s a lot people in the community who want to help to make it achievable too and I’m not on my own.
  • Sobia – I have valued the amount of interest everyone has shown me, and the enthusiasm for my idea. I wasnt sure how others would perceive it, that it could have been seen as fluffy and people not sure how it related to them. I’m going to keep those notes and make it happen.
  • Ray – I definitely benefited from everybody’s input and experiences. I’ve always been a bit of procrastinator and I appreciate the drive from Ros and the other members of group. Thank you very much

Watch this space for updates!  The next course will take place in March.

Thanks to Ruth Musgrave for facilitating the course as a volunteer.

There are resources available on our Enterprising Redbridge website for  all sorts  of things around starting a project or business.  Take a look.  It really is  helpful! 🙂



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