Sophia Hubs update – we’re taking the leap and launching a membership scheme 1st Feb

To keep this Redbridge social enterprise in business we’re putting a price on our services

SH logo final 2014We are pleased to announce that Sophia Hubs is currently undergoing a transformation. Basically, we are changing the way in which we operate – for the better. We aim to offer more services, at more locations, to more members.

In order to deliver this strategic goal, we need generate our own income to raise more funds, no longer to be grant reliant and to operate more efficiently. To facilitate the pending changes, Sophia Hubs has bolstered its senior management team. A ”Meet the Board’ section will be posted shortly. Additionally, we have recruited specialists from across the business and community spectrum to help us.

The first step in our plan to work more efficiently is to offer new and existing users and changes-aheadpartners 3 different forms of membership: bronze, silver and gold. Benefits and prices for each level will be revealed in the week 🙂

The 3 new membership levels, which will be effective from Wednesday 1st February 2017.  Hoping you will join us on our journey to make Sophia Hubs an organisation that you will be proud to be a member of. Your support in helping us meet our Vision and Mission is important to us.

Our Vision: All community members work together to create a vibrant local economy that meets the needs of the area.

Our Mission:  To support the local economy by (a) helping people  to start  and run enterprises and businesses (b) building  up community relationships,  networks  and partneships,  (c) increasing the local circulation of money, resources and community  solutions.

More information regarding the above changes will be published on our website shortly.


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