Spend your 2017 marketing energy wisely – entrepreneurs club Tues 10th 1pm at Enterprise Desk

Welcome to Sophia Hubs weekly entrepreneurs’ club in 2017!

The Theme this month is marketing and we kick off with local marketing business The Marketing Queen Bee and  Loraine Tapper

  • Tuesday 10th January 1 – 3pm
  • Enterprise Desk, Ilford Library, 2nd floor

Loraine says: Let’s start with the basics.  There’s no point learning  marketing and social media tips if you don’t know  who your customers are going to be in 2017.  

This session will help you identify who is it that  you want to market to this year.  It’s essential behind the scenes work that will help your start-up to thrive  this year

I ‘ll give you some resources and work to do after the session if you are serious about targeting your marketing.  If not, you can market to everyone but it’s not going to be helpful for  your  business.

Lorraine Tappermarketing queen bee

Please book your place by commenting  on the blog below or emailing ros.southern@sophiahubs.com

Lorraine was formerly a social worker and coach, working for local authorities but had to change direction in the recession of 2008.  She had the choice of re-training, hunting for jobs, or setting up her own business. She decided to do all three, but on her own terms.  Her business is the Marketing Queen Bee.

Thanks to Loraine for kicking us off this year and to her all the speakers at our entrepreneurs’ club in 2016. 


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