Proud to announce our key 2017 goal and a new member of staff

Sophia Hubs 2017

We would like to wish all of our members, partners, supporters, volunteers and the Sophia Hubs Team a very Happy New Year! May all of your entrepreneurial pursuits be fruitful, successful and bring high community value.
2017 is set to be a transformative year for Sophia Hubs. As we approach a new financial year in April 2017, we are making a few changes in our back office staff, to ensure that we are better equipped to deal with the various challenges which we will face throughout the year.
We have recently recruited a Redbridge-based sessional worker, Mr Celestine Ekpenyong, to join the Sophia Hubs team and assist us with providing our members with greater value. Celestine is a local Businessman, specialising in helping businesses to grow and sustain growth.
Our Key Goal for 2017?
  • *We are excited to announce that our key goal this year is to transition into a self-funded organisation*
Over the next few weeks and months, Sophia Hubs will be relaunching our services, with the sole purpose of providing our members more guidance, support and ultimately more value.
Look out for a special update very soon
Ros and Celestine
Ros photoCelestine Ekpenyong

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