With thanks and gratitude to our volunteers in 2016

Thank you to Sophia Hubs volunteers – we couldn’t do it without you


volunteer-handsWe couldn’t do it without our Board, volunteer team , entrepreneurs’ club speakers and occasional volunteer supporters.  Thank you all very much.

You have been crucial in enabling Sophia Hubs to take forward our work in:

  • supporting start-up businesses
  • supporting community groups with business skills
  • developing partnerships and collaboration between residents, businesses and community groups
  • developing the local money and sharing economy, and green and social businesses

We elected a new Board on 1st October 2016 on becoming a locally managed hub:

  • Outgoing and resigned Board members: Aidan Ward, Kalpna Patel, Ifty Saleem, Jonathan Evens, Rosie Fairhurst
  • New Board: Amal Simothy, Clive Sheldon, Debbie Skeete, Jay Bhatt, Ola Asgill, Olive Hamilton Andrews, Tahir Mahmud

Volunteer team:

Entrepreneurs’ club speakers:

  • Aidan Ward, Fiona Flaherty, Nnenna Anyanwu,  Mo Obadina, Tom Bircham, Mike Loomey, Lorraine Tapper, Stephen Proffitt, Thandi Ejindu, Aidan Ward, Usha Chudasama,  Shahriar Hossain, Amanda Simpson,  Jasdip Sagu, Leonore Lord,  Oddie Rolland, Otatade Okojie,  Asari St Hill, Isatu Harrison, Vidyha Karthik,  Vic Norman, Shaylesh Patel, Olive Hamilton Andrews, Debbie Skeete, Amal Simothy, Ahmed Abdulazeem, Ruth Pearson, Pippa Moye, Wendy Foster, Ruth Nyarko and Gideon Obuobi,  Jay Bhatt. To see the links to their sessions,  click here

Occasional volunteers:

  • Peter Musgrave, Ruth Musgrave, Ansah Hussain (Sophia course facilitation)
  • Jim Jarvie, email account

With thanks also to the Redbridge Volunteer Centre for the support and volunteer referrals.volunteer-opportunities

We are recruiting volunteers for 2017: Timebank brokers, event management, social media development, bloggers & vloggers.  Please get in touch if you want to find out more 🙂 07707 460309 / ros.southern@sophiahubs.com



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