Guest blog – veggie caterer start-up is eager to cash in her Timebank credits :)

I started ‘Hearty, Healthy and Happy’ – my vegan and vegetarian catering enterprise in 2016 to celebrate my interest in cooking, share my food with others and to build a business where I can spend my time doing something I love. 

tracys-veggie-soupsI’m interested in hearty meals that stimulate our taste buds and satiate hunger and healthy recipes that use a range of vegetables and herbs and spices that support physical and mental well beinghence the range of colourful, filling and tasty soups made for the recent Christmas skill swap event.  And I’m motivated by the happiness that preparing good food and sharing it with others brings me.

I joined Redbridge Timebank after a recommendation from a friend who has both earned and ‘cashed in’ many timebank hours. I think timebanks are a great way to harness and share community resources, ideas and energies, to make connections with others and to try something new, be it food or Bollywood dancing…

For the coming year I plan to secure paid catering work (I do more than soups and offer a range of both sophisticated and straightforward vegan and veggie food for all occasions – contact details below.) I also plan to start using my (now many) time bank credits to try something new in 2017 🙂tracy-williams

Tracy Williams, Hearty, Healthy and Happy



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