Redbridge Timebank 2016 – video, plans, goodbyes and volunteer hellos we hope

ghazala-on-art-for-wellbeingOur Christmas Spirit Timebank skills swap in December was a fantastic end to a year of
Timebank growth and wonderful community cooperation.  See the 2 minute video 🙂

We now have 128 members.  We ran 6 events this year plus a couple of focus groups and we noticed lots of 1-to-1 trading taking place.


In 2016 we’ve been working on getting community groups to join the Timebank as part of our Enterprising Redbridge project resources.  The Marjorie Collins Centre has been trading all year – offering its venue  on the Timebank and in exchange holding chair yoga sessions for clients with Sam Cowan.

3 community groups shared their skills at the Christmas skills swap and are joining up: Barkingside 21, Vine Church and Asnet. We hope these and many other Redbridge groups will find the help they need and can’t afford – eg making flyers, website support, marketing help, social media, mentoring etc.

Our fave chain story from our December Christmas spirit skills swap… 

  • christmas-treeTracy cooked the wonderful hearty veggie soups for the cafe, earning hours for the time spent cooking them and we paid the ingredients from cafe takings.  She wanted the promotion for her small business.  
  • Thandi, a homeless young man, helped with the cafe behind the  scenes by heating up the soups and washing up.  He liked being useful and he’s  earned 3 hours credits to ‘spend’ next year.  We met him at the Ilford Green Pop Up market the week before.
  • Cranbrook Baptist Church will book a couple of hours help to Redbridge Timebank logosell some furniture on Ebay having ‘earned’ 4 hours for the venue hire, including the cafe.
  • The profits from the cafe are going to the Ilford Night Shelter 🙂

Timebank volunteering and plans for  2017

A team of Timebank broker volunteers runs the Timebank.  We are sad to say goodbye to Stephanie Mugo who has been with the team from the start.  She has decided it’s time to move on although she will remain a Timebank member. You’ll be sorely missed Stephanie and a very big ‘thank you’ – you have  been wonderful.

We are looking to recruit 4 more volunteers.  You get ‘paid’ for the volunteering in img_0488Timebank hours if you would like them,  or you can donate them to someone. Here’s information and please get in touch if you are interested.

In 2017 we plan to increase membership to at least 250. Plans are in place to pilot other ways of trading, one of  which is Living Tales where people share their real stories – so much better than reading it in a book! We also hope to run some inter-generational skills swap events.

Thanks  for your support!  If you are  not a member please sign up.

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