Hear Jyoti Bhatt on why small businesses must have strategy for financial and wealth management 6 Dec 6.30

jyoti-bhattStart-up Jyoti Bhatt to share important tips at Sophia Hubs entrepreneurs’ club

  • Tuesday 6th December 6.30-8.30pm
  • Room C, Redbridge Institute, Gaysham Ave, Gants  Hill IG2 6TD

We love  giving start-ups an opportunity to promote their business and share their USP at  the Entrepreneurs’ club and are looking forward to this session.  It’s aimed at start-ups but this is an open invitation. Jyoti’s talk is not only aimed at businesses but also the owners and their personal finances.

I am going to share with you my 35 years experience in the informal setting  of Sophia Hubs Entrepreneurs’ club.  I am  going to help you think about financial and wealth  protection of your business and about making good and safe investments.  I am pleased  to have this opportunity to give back  to the entrepreneurs’ club.

Jyoti Bhatt (known as Jay) has recently launched a small Redbridge business in wealth management.  He will  give an overview of  the four main areas in the wealth management field.

  • Investment Planning – to help you accumulate capital in a flexible, tax-efficient and suitably diversified manner.
  • Retirement – so that you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle when you stop working.
  • Estate Planning – to minimise Inheritance Tax so that, in due course, your family receive as much of your wealth as possible, yet without compromising your own standard of living.
  • Protection – to help you and your family avoid financial catastrophe, should you suffer long-term incapacity, or die whilst others are financially dependent on you.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend by  commenting  below or texting 07707 460309


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