Ilford pop up market jazz video and a question. Shall we hold an extended Christmas market in December?

Shall we hold a green Christmas market in  Ilford?

img_0694The  Ilford Green Pop Up market partnered with Vision and The Streets to be a venue for the jazz festival last week 12 November.  See our homespun video  below!

The green market has been running now for 9 months as a partnership between Sophia Hubs, Ilford Recycles and Ilford Transition Town. We see it as a way of supporting green businesses and smaller craft and green start-ups and businesses.

The November market supported 4 community groups, a social enterprise and 4 start-ups. 🙂

So on Saturday 10th December the  recycled bikes pack up for Santa ride at midday and we are wondering whether to use the whole hall for an Ilford Christmas market  of crafts and upcycled and gift stalls.  Please tell us what you think and whether you would bring a stall or come as a customer.


Please comment in box below if  you think we should create a bigger market in December.


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