See the video and pics of our latest skills swap on Redbridge Timebank

We had a fabulous  evening on  Wednesday 9th November in two sittings.

What was the  value?  12 people offered their skills on the night and for most of them it was in itself  a useful opportunity for experience or confidence or market research.  Zeena (temporarily out of work) offered help with CV’s and Linked In, Amal (local business) offered  help with accounts,  Jitendra (start  up business) ran a sessin on  how  to  have solar lighting in your home, Farhana (start up business) showed people how  to make cup cakes, Ruth (local community project) ran  a  conflict resolution intro workshop, Terese (start-up social enterprise) ran a hair plaiting workshop, Habiba from the Council recycling team ran an upcycling crafts workshop, Nnenna (local business and accoutnatn) ran a workshop on lowering your businesses carbon footprint, Indu and Meenakshi  (local residents) showed people how to make  a chick  pea curry and chapati, Richard (retired) showed  2 people how to buy and  sell on Ebay, and Apellonia (local mental health community group) shared a personal account of living with a mental health condition.

Indu: ‘I did not realise that people would be interested in  learning how  to make a chick pea curry.  It was such  fun.  I brought my friend along to help as I have never done anything like this before. They really enjoyed it – there were 8 people. I am happy that I  can encourage people to cook vegetarian food as I am a Hindu.  It was good experience for  me.   I am going  to help organise a skills swap at Redbridge Institute and get parents to come from Gearies School which is  next  door and where my children  go. I  think the Timebank is a great  idea.  I think the parents in the school will not realise  that other people can  help them and that they have something to give.

Ruth Pearson ‘ I had  2 really great sessions. Firstly Amal helped me to plan both finances and to work  out the legal  structure for a social  enterprise I  want to start. And then I  had a session with Apellonia, sharing her mental  health condition and the  work  of Run-up which is of help to me  in my start-up business of wellbeing.

Cranbrook Baptist  Church gave  the venue free and will earn Timebank hours. They want to get help from Richard on how to buy and sell on Ebay because the  church  has furniture  and equipment  it wants  to sell.

Why did Amal Simothy want to attend to offer his accounting skills? The value to me was making long term connections and giving back valuable time to local community without any expectations in return. Adding value by giving back to help aspiring business minded people prosper.  Personally, I feel fulfilled by sharing the reservoir of knowledge and real life experiences I have acquired over 20 years by working hard, diligently and keeping up with the latest updates which is not always easy. Worth turning out to help people like Ruth who is hungry, passionate to make her brave move or dream a reality by running her own business and by taking charge of her life and giving back to community more than just being employed.


dsc00725Why did Farhana Yousaf of Creative Bites start-up share her cup cake tips?  It was nice to share my skill with some of the participants. Good to see their enthusiasm and happiness. Most important was when each one of them proudly walking around with a box of cupcakes all
decorated by them. It was 100 percent worth coming there.

Please do join the Timebank. The more people the better it works.

Date of next Skills swap to be announced soon 🙂 Thanks to Cranbrook Baptist Church for letting us use your lovely cafe on the Timebank. We’ll try to sort out the help you want with selling some bits  on  Ebay soon!


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