From product design to launch – our journey. Entrepreneurs club Tues 8 Nov 1pm with exciting Redbridge startup

ruth-nyarkoWe welcome a entrepreneurial  Redbridge couple with a passion for design who are about to launch their product in Ilford.  They will be the speakers  at our  entrepreneurs’ club at Enterprise Desk  (Ilford library) on Tuesday 8th November at 1-3pm. Register here

Ruth Nyarko and Gideon Obuobi are going to share their journey and how Gideon Obuobi.jpgcreatives also need to be practical,  organised and business minded. They have faced ethical decisions about quality (high – long lasting) and production costs (it’s made in Britain although it could have been cheaper in China).  Their business is for profit and at  the  same time they firmly see themselves as giving back and contributing locally; particularly they are keen to link with  young entrepreneurs and support them.

  • Whats the product?  New universal toilet roll keeper.
  • Will it be successful?   Well they’ve done loads of market research and got Chains willing to sell it
  • Where’s the website?  To be launched on same day as product  launch
  • When’s the launch?   Friday 16 December

This is open to all start-ups and of course more established ones are welcome.  The  Sophia  Hubs Entrepreneurs’  club is a  community network  of  support and  input/advice from local business owners and peers.

Our  Company is called Realmist Creations.  We have a solution to a problem in your realmist-creations-logo bathroom that you may not have realised you have!  At the moment we prefer to show people our product face-to-face, so you’ll  have to come  along  to see  it.  We look forward to meeting  other start-ups and learning  from you too. Ruth  Nyarko


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