AMEY a large company in Redbridge is offering community support and help

Redbridge business and community partnership offer

seki-kolawoleAmey works hard to be an active and responsible member of the communities we serve. There are a number of ways we can support Redbridge community groups and charities and help you to bring positive  change.

I am a graduate working alongside Habiba Ahmed and the Redbridge recycling team and  would love to find more projects Amey can support.  I  found out about Sophia Hubs at a recent event at the Redbridge Institute and was asked to write for the blog  about business and community partnership working.

There are lots of ways that we at Amey can get involved in projects in Redbridge e.g.

  • Technical support: Sharing our day-to-day work technical knowledge to support a charity – e.g. speed up their accounting with our finance or Excel knowledge or recommending how they should manage their grounds with our arboreal, highways or gardening know how.
  • Fetes/events: Helping your local fete committee with publicity, setting up and running stalls.
  • Open days: Running an awareness or recruitment open day and inviting our community contacts – e.g. recycling awareness, like we commonly do in Redbridge.
  • STEM: becoming a STEM ambassador and help young people to understand the breadth of career options in STEM subjects.

We have identified four priority outcomes about the  work we would like to support but please do get in touch if you are not sure this fits in with what you do.amey

  1. Inspiring people: promoting inclusive employment, education and skills development
  2. Building capacity: facilitating local economic and enterprise prosperity
  3. Environmental action: creating low carbon, clean and biodiverse environments
  4. Community neighbour: minimising disruption and encouraging active participation in local issues

We are keen to foster and maintain good relationships with our communities and once we  know the need, our staff are encouraged to take part.  AMEY  graduates are particularly keen to get out and help in the  community. At  the Business Charity awards last year we won the prestigious Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team accolade 🙂

Please do get in touch and we will look forward to partnering with you.  I’m based in Ley Street, Ilford.  0208 518 4212 | 07540727282 |

Seki Kolawole

Performance Analyst | Management Graduate | Environmental Service

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