Recruiting for next Sophia course – from vague community or business idea to first test – 2 winter Saturday mornings

Sophia Hubs helping  you to work on a vague idea, make it bite-sized and test  it out

idea lightbulbThis course is participatory not academic.  It’s about being active citizens or entrepreneurs by helping you to actually do something with your idea- to take step one and learn from it. We will be looking at community resources you can tap into and find people to collaborate with.  You may ditch your idea and work with someone else on theirs!

All ideas are welcome!  Over 2 Saturday mornings, we’ll take a journey together.

Course aim: to build confidence in yourself as an active citizen or entrepreneur

Learning outcome:  to create a very mini project that can be carried out by 31st January

  • Dates: Saturday 26 Nov, Saturday 3 December
  • Time: 9.30-1.00
  •  Venue – room C, Redbridge Institute, Gants Hill
  • Facilitators: Ros Southern, Kalpna Patel
  • Cost – £15 for the course

More info to follow but here’s what other graduates have done:SH logo final 2014

My first street event was just a St Georges day cup of tea on the street for one hour. It got 75 Ros photoneighbours! Since then I have organised (with help from others) 5 St Georges day events, 3 street parties, 3 street festivals, a front garden bonfire and a food festival. It really is important to start small and just test something out whether its a business or community idea. Ros  Southern


3 thoughts on “Recruiting for next Sophia course – from vague community or business idea to first test – 2 winter Saturday mornings

  1. Ghazala Navaid

    I would like to apply for the Sophia course. Do I just turn up on Saturday at the institute or do I need to book in advance?
    Ghazala Navaid


  2. Samantha Canning

    I would love to join your course Sophia.

    Please put my name down and I’ll see you in the new year. Merry Christmas and a blessed New year and thank you for your workshops, business advice and support that you have shown me.
    2017 is the year that my mentoring to young people social enterprise business will succeed.

    Liked by 1 person


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