The results of our Redbridge Timebank focus groups and what we will do in response!

Redbridge Timebank update following focus groups…

  • The skills share events – more cosy, more structured please

The social aspect of the Timebank is important to you, you want a cosier venue (like the Flirt cafe or St Johns church) and many of you have a preference for the more structured Timebank skill-swap Redbridge Timebank logoevents.

We will: organise a mix of structured and freeflow activities at the next Timebank event. We will look for new venues and continue programming events, knowing how much you enjoy the community and social side of things. Also you can expect to see more themed workshops appearing in the future (e.g. fitness groups/ art classes and so forth).

  • There are some issues with payments and software that are making things difficult

Sometimes you have not been paid on time by other members and are not receiving emails when you contact other members through the website

Please keep in touch with the Timebank team members with any problems so that we can help. At the moment we administer the Timebank on Mondays only 12-4. You can always drop by to Redbridge Institute at that time. We are building up the team so that we can administer at other times of the week. For more pressing issues try emailing or ring the phone 07707 460309.

  • A more dynamic and inviting website please and help in posting offers and requests on line

Some of you do not yet know how to list offers and requests online and may not feel comfortable cropped-sh-logo-final-2014-e1397227444529.jpgtrading online. And the website isn’t too inviting!

This autumn, we will be re-merging with the ECHO platform, for the Timebanks in East London. When this happens, we will hold an induction event to refresh everyone on how to use our website, as well as introduce them to the ECHO system. As stated above, you are welcome to pop in before then, if you would like some 1:1 help on how to get started online. We are making enquiries with our web developer and ECHO’s tech people to see if we can make some cosmetic changes to our site before the platforms are merged. Otherwise, it will take a little while for this to happen.

  • More communication from us so that you know the Timebank is alive and kicking!

You want to be kept in touch about the Timebank stories, and news of new members and new posts

The team will send out text alerts every week or two, along with an email newsletter, approximately once a month, with links that you can click on to take you to the offers on the web page. Our new volunteer, Zeena, is upping our social media presence and will be posting these same alerts on our Facebook page. Please remember to “like” our page to get as much out of your Timebank community as possible!

Please will you get in touch with things you want us to plug or something you need some skilled help with or news of great trades you’ve done.

Some great feedback on the value of the Timebank to you:


  • “It’s been uplifting for me and brought profound benefits. I’ve met like-minded people, I feel more at ease in myself and am more self confident.”
  • “It’s given me a chance to practise my English, network and promote my activities.”
  • “I wanted to do something that wasn’t about money. It’s food for the soul that gives balance to the rat race.”
  • “My first timebank trade led to a month-long, paid job, so there has been a direct business benefit.Socially and emotionally it has also been amazing as I have made lovely new friends.”
  • “I did a creative writing session at a skills swap which then encouraged me to take a three-day poetry course which I really enjoyed.”

Thanks to Timebank member Sam Cowan who led on and facilitated these focus groups. Hope you enjoy spending your hours!

And here’s a very interesting and inspiring report from ECHO on the impact of it’s Timebank.


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