Redbridge Timebank focus group says share the great stories – first one Mario the electrician

We’ve been holding focus groups to see how we can take the Redbridge Timebank to the next Redbridge Timebank logolevel.

We’ve learned loads but first up is our new social media drive to share our good news stories.

zeena-parmarEnter new volunteer Zeena Parmar who will share stories on Facebook throughout the week and choose one a week to share on this blog.

This week – Mario the electrician…mario-palumbo-2

Mario’s daughter’s bedroom was decorated by Timebank member Brenda over a bank holiday weekend. He was delighted with this. Only thing was he didn’t have enough credit to ‘pay’ her.  So he put the word out and Stephanie booked him for a weekend’s work at her house.

Mario sorted my whole house out so nicely. He added plugs where needed and changed my fuse box as well some other work. Now it is so much easier for me to do everything and also it brought the house up to the required standards. Thank you Mario 👍👍👍 (Stephanie)

So now Mario can take advantage of more Timebank offers. 🙂


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