5 top tips for your start-up to progress by Debbie Skeete Friday 16 Sept 1.30 at Redbridge Institute

Join the support for Redbridge start ups

Our guest speaker at Sophia Hubs weekly entrepreneurs’ club is Debbie Skeete who has set up 2 successful Redbridge businesses in the last 3 years and is building up another one Debbie Skeete mug shotor two!

  • Friday 16th September 1.30-3pm

  • Redbridge Institute, Gearies, room C (a portakabin next to main entrance in car park)
  • If you know where it is, just come along. If not, ask at reception

Debbie has very many tips but we’ve scaled her down to about 5!  Come and hear practical tips for setting up weekly schedules, how you allocate your time, for customer relationships and how to get those sales.

Debbie is a freelance consultant for nurseries that have failed Ofsted to turn them around.  She also runs an online holiday lettings agency Heywoods Park Barbados lettings which majors on the personal touch and relationships.

I think personal relationships are key to a business.  It is a balancing act but I give a significant amount of time to getting out there  meeting people and in my personal time keeping involved with what’s happening in the community.  I am an advocate of social media, which is also about relationships and keeping in touch

As always the networking is an important part of this session and the support given to each other by start-ups.

Let’s make sure Redbridge start-ups make it!  Join in.

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