Congratulations to ECHO Timebank on 10,000 hours traded, and Redbridge will follow you!

Iecho-10000-hourst really is worth all businesses in Redbridge signing up to the ECHO Timebank as well as ours:  3200 members and 1500 current listings. Everything you could possibly want!

To see the latest newsletter and info on joining click here.

The Redbridge Timebank is moving back with ECHO in a few weeks which means our currency will be interchangeable again.  We’re smaller with a Redbridge focus and a big vision for community life, business and the local economy.

We’ve just  recruited a volunteer  Zeena Parma to help spread our own good stories and to encourage more trading.

Please join or if you are member perhaps update your listings?

To keep in touch please like the new Timebank Facebook page @RedbridgeTB and follow us on Twitter. Also please follow Sophia Hubs.

We’ll post soon about our next Timebank event.


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