Help us make a Redbridge social enterprise directory – a new volunteer has been recruited for 1 month task

Calling Redbridge social enterprises…

Following our blog a couple of weeks ago to help a Redbridge teacher of a business GCSE ,  we are delighted that Adrian McLeod has got in touch and has taken on a short volunteeradrian-mcleod role.

  • The brief: research and create an online directory of Redbridge social enterprises.
  • The reason: To support and promote the social entrepreneurs in the borough.
  • The impetus:  GCSE business  has a module on social enterprise and students have a controlled assessment on researching social enterprises, identifying community needs and proposing a social enterprise that would meet a community need.  We can help  them out!

Sophia Hubs volunteers have previously created an online Redbridge green business directory. 

This is an interesting project because it involves research and also personal contact
with social enterprises.  Looking forward to the difference it will make and being part of the Sophia Hubs volunteer team.  Adrian McLeod

Buy socialWe’re going to sort out a Sophia Hubs email for Adrian but in the meantime please contact us on or
ring the Sophia Hubs mobile 07707 460309 or tweet Adrian @adrianlmcleod.



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