Could Redbridge empty shops and offices be useful for your business or community group? Meeting 10 am Wednesday

Entrepreneur’s club special – Shaylesh of Astop on getting landlords on board for win win

Shaylesh PatelAs part of our summer entrepreneur’s club theme of celebrating freebies, sharing, social media and community spirited buildings, we are pleased to welcome Shaylesh Patel, Director of Astop: ‘transforming unused space for good causes‘.  We will use his experience to kick start a conversation about the needs of the area and the local economy and how the use of empty buildings could help.

Wednesday 31st August 10-12 am, Mont Rose college, 267 Cranbrook Rd, Ilford IG1 4TG

The idea is simple. By occupying otherwise empty commercial premises, a charity can reduce your rates burden by qualifying for rates relief, this is a special reduced rate only available to genuine charities and social causes using your space. As well as being able to save you money quickly by taking units at short notice, the landlord & their agents also benefit from the busy look and feel of the space and the kudos of doing something charitable with otherwise unused space.  Finally, our landlords and agents have reported that the burden of insurance and repair costs is lower whilst their premises are in regular use. It is an ideal solution for all parties.

Shaylesh will share what Astop is doing and how Redbridge could be involvedAstop.png

  • Start-ups and small businesses and artists need spaces to display their products and information.
  • Community groups and projects have ideas, energy and a wealth of local engagement.
  • Redbridge Chamber is concerned about the reduction of commercial property in the area.
  • High Streets suffer when shops remain empty.

It’s a big topic and this is a small start. The venue is Mont Rose College , Ilford,  that is a community spirited building wanting to offer up its rooms and spaces at no cost when empty.  This will be a discussion and networking event that will hopefully lead to something concrete and substantial.

I would love to see something like Sidcup &  Co in Redbridge. It’s a new concept store with small businesses in mind. I am a Redbridge business that pays a low fee to rent a small box to promote my business.  I have got a lot of trade from it.  I am very much looking forward to attending this meeting.  Debbie Skeete


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