Business GCSE teachers call-out for Redbridge social enterprises to help pupils with a module – let’s get a directory together

INspired by sports logoWe are delighted to  find out that the current Business GCSE syllabus for the first time includes a module on social enterprise. 🙂 Just had a call from Trinity School teacher Salma Rahman asking to meet Trinity pupils to help their research on social enterprise.  Had a call from Emma Sullivan from Wanstead High School in June.

Emma’s email: Dear Ros, year 10 students have been busy researching the local area through the use of government databases as well as visiting the local community and completing questionnaires to find out any social needs in the area. They also visited the Redbridge Green Fair in Valentines park on May 29th which they found very useful. The support from the local community has been overwhelming and the feedback they have received on the local area has been extremely useful. The students have found out the social needs that the community require and would now like to hold a focus group to develop their understanding of these highlighted issues and how the borough plans to overcome these.

recycles ilford logoWe realise that there is no list of Redbridge social enterprises. We are in touch with some but there must be many others. We are now recruiting for a volunteer to do 10-15 hours work to set up an  online social enterprise database.   Our green business volunteers have created an online database for green Redbridge businesses which has proved useful, so let’s extend it!

If you can help Trinity School pupils by attending on either Wednesday 14th or 21st September at 9.30 am for about an hour please email

If you want to see what the pupils need to find out:

  1. 26. Identify areas of social need • You have been asked to identify areas of social need which could be met by a social enterprise that are not currently provided for by existing enterprises. • You will be carrying out some research later in the controlled assessment
  2. 27. Report… • You are required to write a report in which you demonstrate how one specific social enterprise could successfully meet a local need. • Your report will need to have sections, a front cover and a series of appendices

We would love to hear any comments or thoughts about this – please use the comment box at the end.



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