Oooh Redbridge charity wants Timebank hours not money for the hire of its venue!

Final business seminar for community groups is at Marjorie Collins centre 22 Sept

The Redbridge Timebank is a tremendous resource for the borough and needs more community groups to take the plunge, join and then give and take. We were delighted that the Marjorie Collins centre requested 4 Timebank hours for the final Enterprising Sam cowan yoga cartoonRedbridge business seminar on Thursday 22 September so it can book 4 more sessions chair yoga for users with Sam Cowan.:)

A Timebank helps people and organisations in the borough to connect and get the help they need.  This includes start-ups, community groups and businesses.  People and groups join because they have a skill to offer or need some help.

There is no financial cost. The ‘currency’ is one hour of time.  It’s flexible so you can do as little or as many time exchanges as you want. There’s a database of members and skills and we run skills swap and trading events regularly.

Redbridge Timebank logoExample: Richard helps Anita with Ebay.  Diksha gives Richard some help with yogic breathing.  Carlton helps Diksha to set up a Facebook page.  Amanda helps Carlton with his accounts. Corine gives Amanda some French conversation practice.  Martin services Corine’s bike and gets a flyer designed for his community group…..

As you can see, Timebanks are a good way of building up the ‘sharing economy’.

  • Drop by to Enterprise Desk (2nd floor Ilford library) on Tuesday 30th August between 12 and 4 for more info and to sign up.
  • Book up to join the final Enterprising Redbridge business seminar and there will be information about the follow up support we are offering, including the  Timebank.
  • Try and sign up for the Timebank here.
  • Send us a message here.


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