How the EU referendum affects EU funding – a blog by ASK Academy Redbridge start-up

How the EU referendum affects EU funding and ASK Academy:

24 June 2016 was a historic day in British and European political history. The
population who turned out voted by a majority of 52% to 48% for the United
Kingdom to leave the European Union. All of us will witness over the coming months and years political and economic
machinations the likes of which we have not seen before.

Adrian GheorgeThere is confusion over the unity of the United Kingdom, the position of
Parliament in connection to the referendum and our future relationship with the
European Union.

Young people on both sides of the Channel are feeling a significant degree of
worry and dislocation as a result of recent events. 

They need reassurance and engagement. Politically, this could attract
broad-based support, providing a “quick win” at low cost.
The conditions will not change in the near future and UK will remain a full
Programme Country for Erasmus+ and other European educational, cultural and
social programmes. Even after the trigger of the Article 50 from The Lisbon
Treaty there will be 2 or 3 years of re-negotiations. 

In relation to this, precedent has already been set with non EU members such as
Turkey and Norway being full Programme members without being members of the EU.

Our initiating organisation, Academy of Strategic Knowledge alongside us, the
ASK network, will campaign for this outcome whatever the decisions and
negotiations around “Brexit”.
We will work together to grow a network of people and organisations united in a
belief of the power of international and national opportunities for young people
and other citizens to learn, to appreciate other cultures, to understand other
nations and to grow in prosperity and understanding together. 

We will create a powerful lobby to go to the Government and say 'give our people this
opportunity, do not lose all of the good things of the past, support the
positive, support the young, support our future'!

See the flyer below with info about ASK Academy with my contact details.
Adrian Gheorghe



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