Oooh Harrison Gibson development will include Redbridge business start-up space

In response to the consultations so far, it seems that there will be an area for start-up businesses. That would be great!  Nice to see the developers responding to ideas.

To see the plans so far click here.

To join the consultation click here.

In my comments I suggested that they get in touch with the Ilford pop up market!  I like the idea of some community and arts space alongside the business hub.  Worth a try. 😉

Redbridge Chamber of Commerce has been in discussions with the developers of the Harrison Gibson building and suggested that an enterprise space within the development would be very welcome in the Borough. It is very important that there is support for new start ups and developing businesses in Redbridge and particularly in Ilford, which is the centre of the borough, so that we have a dynamic and prosperous environment. The Chamber will continue to work to promote local businesses as its core aim in these challenging times.”  Geoff Hill,  Chair

Harrison Gibson sign offering business start up space


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