A great opportunity for your business.  Please read. logo with people

‘Streetlife is a social network for local communities’.

It’s a free and simple website for neighbours to connect and share news, views, recommendations and resources’.

Janet Barrett, a Sophia Hubs’ volunteer blogger, asks……….Do you know about

Streetlife say ‘We have a simple aim: to help people make the most of where they live by connecting with their neighbours and sharing practical information, advice and resources’.

Local businesses

There are opportunities for local businesses.  I receive daily email updates and there are many requests jobs to be carried out by local decorators, handyman, electricians, plumbers, dressmakin/alterations, gardeners, builders, IT, car repairs and many more.  Once you’ve done a job for a fellow Streetlifer there is the possibility you will be recommended for ‘the next job’ when it appears on the website.

What Streetlife says about local businesses………...’Streetlife is all about connecting and sharing with your local community.

We believe that local business owners have plenty to contribute, and even more to gain from engaging with their neighbours.

Whether you are a local tradesperson or independent retailer, Streetlife provides a highly effective way to contribute to your local community, raise awareness of your brand, and connect with new customers.

The Streetlife community can give you a powerful insight into what local people want, enable you to respond instantly to requests for help and advice, and help you build a loyal following of people close by, where it really matters’.

It takes just a few minutes to sign up to your local Streetlife community.  Why not try it…………..there’s nothing to lose and much to gain.  Come back in the future and share  your experience on this blog.

Janet Barrett has been to workshops and seminars and used their extensive business resources.

Janet  Barrett

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