Successful Timebank trading model brings Redbridge energy on a Saturday afternoon

We’re pretty pleased that we’ve worked out an excellent and easy-to-organise skills trading event.  We are hoping this will be useful for other Timebanks and that other Redbridge organisations and institutions can try it out.  We’re happy to share the expertise we are gaining. 🙂

Next one: Saturday 16 July 1-3pm, Enterprise Desk, Ilford Library 🙂

What did a random group of people trade for an hour between 2 and 3pm on 18th June?

  • Ahmed spent an hour with Smeranda and Angela on business plans
  • Fiona spent an hour with Begona, Ros and Gillian on health
  • Michelle gave an hour to Lynette on an intro to alternative therapies and a head massage
  • Adrian spent an hour with Indu on non formal education
  • Lyn spent an hour with Stephanie on an artist approach to planning

How did we value this?

  • I absolutely loved my hour with Fiona. Fascinating, fascinating information. Ros
  • This was my first day at the Timebank in Redbridge. What attracted me most was the energised and enthusiastic, charged and driven environment, totally conducive to both the (to be/)Entrepreneurs and the Service Providers. I talked to three entrepreneurs roughly over an hour who showed their keen interest in doing what they believed in. But there was clear gap between what they thought they would love to do and their understanding of running a commercial business. I therefore suggest that there is a potential possibility to run regular sessions for people, chalking out a route-map on how to set up a business;  what one should do to start a business; what should be the next step in their efforts from wherever they are at a given point of time; and developing and providing a Flow Chart of the Process. Ahmed Abdulazeem www.Conus.UK (will be in touch Ahmed – great idea!)
  • I loved my time with Lyn and I am glad she is going to run a 6 week art workshop on the Timebank – I’m going! Stephanie
  • I  learned so many things!. Thank you so much for this opportunity it was a good experience for me. Indu.

What else?

It ended at 3 but we carried on networking.:)  Others came. We met the great guys from Vaani Competitions and they are joining the next one and signing up for Sophia Hubs support.

Please join the Redbridge Timebank and pass on the word.  It’s revolutionary! 🙂

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