Marketing for a new millionaire – practical tips and inspiration for start-ups

Sophia Hubs weekly entrepreneur’s club on marketing welcomes…

We are delighted to welcome Otatade Okojie with 10 years of marketing Otatade Okojieexperience, blogging and freelance work (photography), and who is herself a local start-up business – Lunchbox Millionaire.

Otatade Okojie’s new business Lunchbox Millionaire is supporting young people to be entrepreneurial, using their ideas, vision, drive and innate productivity.  She’s taken the route of writing a book and putting herself out there with a social media presence while she starts to build up clients. So being speaker at Entrepreneur’s club is helping her as well as others, which is great!  🙂 At the same time she knows the value of building up slowly, doing your work for free, gaining traction and confidence and developing, testing and changing your brand as you go along.

The session on marketing your start-up/business will include…

  • harnessing your innate marketing skills (the give and take of every day socialising)
  • pitching practice to your target audience
  • creating marketing habits and routines
  • having and using a database to keep connected with your contacts
  • understanding and valuing non paid work.

This session will be facilitated jointly by Ros and Otatade.

From 1pm-ish, it will be the usual networking where start-ups and learners support each other.  As part of this Sophia Hubs will be exploring potential for arts collaborations, youth involvement and Timebank development – with Otatade and Enterprise Desk and anyone else that is interested.

For more info or queries, comment in the comment box below or email


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