Exciting trading of Redbridge skills and talents Sat 18 June 1-3pm Enterprise Desk

Redbridge Timebank to run a live trading floor

The Redbridge Timebank team are planning another trading event at Enterprise Desk on the 2nd floor of Ilford Library. This is to continue the foundation work of building a vibrant sharing economy…. which in turn builds up the money economy. 🙂

Saturday 18 June at 1pm -3pm

The event is in 2 parts.  


  • 45 minutes of socialising and finding out who’s there and what they have to offer/10 minutes decision time – what workshops and help will be offered today/5 mins changeover 

2-3pm – social market place

  • Then 1 hour of ‘trading’  – eg maybe 2 people are getting help to draw cartoons, someone is giving advice on what plants to grow for your health and maybe someone else is showing you how to buy and sell on Ebay.

We don’t know what the trades are yet because it’s a live trading floor and it depends on who is there and what they want or can give. 🙂

Please book in advance. This makes things much easier for us. http://crm.sophiahubs.com/civicrm/event/info?id=80&reset=1.  And please register for the Timebank. www.sophiahubs.com/sevenkingstimebank. And please Like our new Facebook page.

If you have things to offer, things you want or got questions, please comment on the blog below or email sevenkingstimebank@sophiahubs.com

Redbridge Timebank A6 flyer May 2016 low res


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