Ilford Sports Club hosts 2nd business seminar for Redbridge charitable groups 31 May 6pm – the WOW factor!

We are delighted to announce the 2nd Enterprising Redbridge business seminar for Redbridge charities. This is open to all community groups and charities in Redbridge.

Tuesday 31st May 6-8pm at Ilford Sports Club, The ‘Wow!’ Factor

In the first seminar on 21st April 2016 the business model canvas was introduced as an overview of your business/service ideas. In this session we will start exploring some of those ideas in more detail….

  1. One of the key areas is understanding the Value Proposition – the problems you are looking to solve and the impact you are having on people’s lives. Something organisations with a social mission know a lot about, yet often fail to be able to demonstrate it.
  2. We shall then start thinking about who our customers are? Exploring what their needs might be, understanding them a little bit more .
  3. And finally, the session shall introduce a way of mapping the customer journey– enabling you to create those WOW moments.

The session will be a mix of teaching and doing. You will get the opportunity to work with others to share ideas and find solutions to the challenges you face.

To book your place on the 2nd seminar click here. 

We are keeping all the resources used in the programme online, on a platform called Jigsawbox. You can find all the resources here. You just need to create a jigsawbox account ( it’s totally free) and you can access all the materials.

This project is being managed by Redbridge CVS and Sophia Hubs and is being funded by Awards For All.  The seminars and coaching is being provided by Apsiren and Urban Catalysts.

Please help us pass on the word and make the voluntary and community sector in Redbridge more resilient!

Redbridge CVS join usSH logo final 2014aspiren-logoUrban Catalysts


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