Offer of coaching to Sophia Hubs start-ups in return for testimonials by Myra Whiskar

Myra WhiskarHello.

My name is Myra Whiskar. Some of you might know me from my time with Sophia Hubs when I was the first co-ordinator/developer.

I am currently studying for a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching. This is with The Coaching Academy and is an internationally recognised and accredited qualification.

As part of my studies, I am coaching a number of clients and am offering this service without fees but with agreement that the client will complete a Client Testimonial at the end of our arranged time together.

I’d like to offer some of these sessions to Sophia Hubs clients because I passionately believe in what the organisation is doing and I would like to be able to support this in some way.

When I have completed my studies, I want to create a system where I will be able to offer free sessions to those who are unable to access such support due to cost. The plan is that these
would be be funded by paying clients, although I also intend to create a sliding scale for this too.

heartMy business is called Kavanah & Co.  Kavanah means ‘intention of the heart’ and my role is to help my clients to identify this and make it a reality – either in their personal or business lives – or both!

When I have finished the diploma, I intend to continue my studies and gain another qualification with the same organisation in Small Business Coaching which I would then hope to also offer to Sophia Hubs clients at good rates.

🙂 My offer:

I am currently able to offer up to 7 sessions of 30 minutes to 2 people starting up a business. These would usually be during a typical lunchtime period. I would like to be able to use some of these sessions to provide evidence for my ‘assessments’ so an assessor may be listening in but I would, of course, give notice of this. We have an initial meet (likely one evening) and then it would be on the phone.

If you think that you would like for us to embark on this journey together then please can you contact Ros in the first instance and she will pass on your details. I look forward to our time together.

A great offer! Contact me by posting a comment on this blog or emailing me on Ros

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