Top tip from Jasdip Sagu to Redbrige startups – join forums in your sector for customers and support

Jasdip session 3.5.16

We had a good entrepreneur’s club session today (3.5.16) with Jasdip Sagu and his journey from BT engineer to a successful and growing fashion, beauty and commercial photographer.


What was useful?

  • Emphasis on self belief. Power of social  media. Meeting other entrepreneurs. Sarah Kigosi
  • I am going start using Mailchimp (integrated newsletter/database) – Richard Willis
  • The fact that Jasdip uses forums to see what’s happening in his field and to get clients and contacts. I am going to check on the forums for herbal consultancy.Angela Saint Ville
  • I think it’s important for me to start blogging.  I am going to find out how to get help with this on the Timebank. Ravi Ravindran
  • I asked Jasdip what finances he put into his business. I realise that I need to have some finance to take things forwards. Jitendra Makvana

What did you enjoy about being a speaker at this session Jasdip?

  • It was good for my confidence. I’m not really a public speaker and was quite nervous but as it was more of a group participation, that made it easier.  Knowing that people found it interesting and useful is a bonus – I like to help people. It was a good networking event for me too.  Running a business is hard, and it is nice to be with others in the same boat. It’s good to talk to each other. I’m going to join the Timebank and will offer product photography.



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