Personal testimony – the fab Timebank has given me loads of paid work, a plea for trades people to join and a mindfulness group

Brenda MaguireStart-up Painter & Decorator blogs about recent Redbridge Timebank event

Mindfulness on the Timebank…

I am really excited to be able to host alongside Julie Luce a six week program of mindfulness taught by Liam Chai. I have had a meditation session with Liam before but didn’t really continue to use the skills he taught me once left to my own devices. After another session with Liam at the Timebank event on Saturday, I was reminded of how important it is to be able to sit with oneself in the here and now.

Timebank trading 23.4.16 mindfulness Timebank trading 23.4.16 street party timebank trading 23.4.16 business marketing Timebank trading 23.4.16 gardening for health Timebank trading 23.4.16 help to use timebank





Two outcomes from Saturday’s Timebank event…

I suggested that we take the mindfulness session further, create a group and really focus on learning how to be mindful over the course of a few weeks. Liam is an excellent teacher! Liam is up for this and so we will all be paying Liam in timebank hours.

Another outcome is that I am going to be painting a bench in a local community garden. I will be going along this week to have a look at the bench and decide on the best way to approach it, what treatment and/or colours to use. Again, this will be paid to me in hours.

My recent Timebank jobs…

Brenda painting after


Brenda painting before


I have completed another two Timebank jobs recently. I painted a beautiful old chest of drawers for Monica and Kaz, and I helped Fiona and Mario to paint the woodwork on the staircase and paint their girls bedroom.

The Timebank has led to paid contracts…

All this timebank work has led to lots of paid work too: I suppose the ultimate aim, although I like the exchange of skills rather than the exchange of money. One paid job was directly as a result of a timebank transaction… it was a house spread over three floors, and I must admit to feeling totally daunted at the start of the job, but rather proud when I had finished. Word got out that I could indeed do a decent job, and I had the privilege of working at Monica and Kaz’s home and Olcays home. Both beautiful homes. I continue to have work lined up and am pretty booked out until the summer now.

Putting out the call for tradespeople to join the Timebank …

I think that the Timebank would thrive if there were more people on the books. We have wonderful selection of skills from very talented people on offer, from cooks, plant experts, tarot card readers, massage therapists, event planners, internet experts to help with all internet matters, but I think we have distinct lack of tradespeople (apart from the fab Mario who caters for all your electrical needs)! I’m putting out a call for all the plasterers, plumbers and builders out there!

Let’s get the community together, the wider community and continue to make the Timebank grow and thrive.

Until the next instalment…

Brenda Maguire.

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