Pics and report from 1st business canvas seminar for Redbridge charities – Sonia Lynch recommends it!

What are we trying to do? 🙂 Make Redbridge voluntary and community sector more resilient to be less reliant on funding

How are we going to do it? 🙂 Bring in experts doing this work in other parts of London and the Country.  It’s about bringing a business mindset to social entrepreneurial ideas.

Whose brainwave was this? 🙂 Redbridge CVS and Sophia Hubs.

What happened at the first seminar? 🙂 See the pics…


Who came? Welcome Centre, Redbridge Foodbank, Ubuntu Arts, Disabled Asian Womens Network (DAWN), Marjorie Collins Centre, Redbridge Timebank, Redbridge Faith Forum, Liberty Credit Union, Sophia Hubs (our Directors came too), Ask Academy, Ladies Unite and a luncheon club.

What was covered in first session? Graham Gardiner talked us through the business canvas model for 45 mins and then we started the process of using the business canvas.  Using post-its and the help of others we explored our value, customers, partners, resources, the ‘channel’s to find customers/users… and ways of testing ideas.

I thought it was a very valuable session. The business canvas model was very good to follow and something we can share. I wish we had known about this when we started! I cannot afford not to attend the next meeting.  Sonia Lynch, Welcome Centre

I thought it was very eye opening and enjoyable. We just happened to hear about it and turned up.  Very helpful to meet other groups as we are just starting out.  Rumin Zaman, Ladies Unite

What’s next? All the groups that attended have been offered business mentoring sessions. Date of 2nd seminar will be set soon.

Other support?  If your group want support to run an interesting activity at the Redbridge Green Fair on Sunday 29th May, you can join the Sophia Hubs workshops with Peter Musgrave on Wednesday afternoons in May. Friendly, informal, practical, timebound.


To sign up for this project – please register and we’ll be in touch.  It would be helpful to also email


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