Simple way to create a website for your business

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Redbridge Library Enterprise desk offered a free Build And Design Your Own Website workshop on 26 February 2016.  Delivered by Corrine Welsh of and funded by Redbridge Libraries.

Janet Barrett, a Sophia Hubs volunteer blogger says…

I was fortunate to have my application accepted and spent five hours learning how to create a WordPress website at the February workshop.

‘Building my own website was an absolute no-no for me.   It all seemed too confusing, hours of work and, in my opinion, best tackled by an expert.   That was until I saw this workshop advertised.  A website in less than one day; how would this be possible?  I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so off I went to the workshop.

I now have two websites written and created by myself:- Domestic Violence Awareness and Psychic Mediumship. Who’d have thought it?  Not only am I pleased with the results I also have a new skill.

Corrine’s style of delivering a workshop was for me simple, uncomplicated, clear and supportive. She works with great patience (thankfully!!) and humour.  We worked from a comprehensive step by step handout, she has prepared, at a good pace for someone like me who was new to it all.  Thank you Corrine for helping me create shiny new websites which I can manage and update myself’.

Corrine Welsh is at the Redbridge Library the first Friday of every month, 1 – 3pm, for IT support.

Janet  Barrett

2 thoughts on “Simple way to create a website for your business

  1. Corinne Welsh

    Janet — Thank you for posting such a lovely review of the WordPress Workshop. Your websites look really good. They are clear and well-structured: great showcases for both your areas of work. I am impressed that you took what you learnt in the workshop and produced two websites so quickly.

    General comment — You can find out more about the Free IT Tools Drop-in at our rolling events page. WordPress is just one example of the free IT tools we offer advice on. These are tools that do not cost anything but, more importantly, they protect your rights. That makes them a great choice for business. We have been running the Drop-in at Redbridge Library since 2013. It is open to all. You do not need to be a business user.

    Best wishes



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