Anyone want help to plan something engaging at the Redbridge Green Fair? Mini Sophia course workshops

Sophia course mini workshops for SMART planning for outreach Wednesdays 2-3.30

idea lightbulbThe Sophia course is about building confidence as community or business entrepreneurs. It is a reflective and participatory community engagement course with a focus on trying something out quickly.

We are offering a short course to help you work out something you could do at the Redbridge Green Fair to share your community passion with the general public in an engaging way.  The event has two themes of ‘environment’ and ‘community’ and both are very widely interpreted – if you’ve got a community interest, it’s good to share it at the Green Fair. If you can’t make all dates, please get in touch anyway.

  • Wednesday 4th May 2-3.30
  • Wednesday 11th May 2-3.30
  • Wednesday 18th May 2-3.30
  • Sunday 29th May 11.30-7pm (or turn up for a while if you book in and don’t need to park on site)

This is about trying something new, collaborating with others and then testing it outgreen business image light bulb on Sunday 29th May in Valentines Park. 🙂

Facilitators: Ros Southern (me!) and Peter Musgrave.

It’s going to be in Peter’s house which is just  by the entrance to the park and backs on to the Melbourne Field where the fair takes place.

If you can come up with an activity that the Redbridge Green Fair considers to be an attraction, there’s no stall fee!  Alternatively, we may book  Sophia Hubs stall that you could join.

For more info on the Sophia course click here  For more info on the Redbridge Green Fair click here.

Interested in the course? Contact me. or Peter on or ring 07707 460309.

Redbridge Green Fair 2016 final v low res



2 thoughts on “Anyone want help to plan something engaging at the Redbridge Green Fair? Mini Sophia course workshops

    1. rossouthern Post author

      It’s at Peter’s house 3 Auckland Road, IG1 4SD. The 364 is nearest bus but if you walk from Ilford station towards gants hill and turn just before the park at Park road, that follows through to Valentines Road that goes into Auckland Road along edge of park. Peters house is by the melbourne road main entrance to the park.



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