Mont Rose College and Redbridge Green Fair, business community partnerships and Ilford Recorder

Oooh  a new business and community partnership in the borough! This is a sponsorship deal so that the Redbridge Green fair can go ahead with reduced Council funding and Mont Rose College can benefit from the community contacts of a community group to find more local students.

The new Enterprising Redbridge project is about bringing business skills to voluntary and community groups. 🙂 It was launched at Redbridge CVS last week is to give expert support to community groups and charities to explore ways of sustaining and developing with less or no funding.  The first business practical seminar is on Thursday 21st April 6-8pm. To find out more read this blog. To register click here. This is a very important 9  month project for community groups – please pass on the word.

Ilford Recorder  Thanks to the Ilford Recorder for printing my letter this week. Recorder letter 14.4.16

In these difficult economic times it is inspiring that the Wanstead Playgroup Association has the skills and tenacity to raise £150,000 (‘They Keep the borough alive’ in last week’s Recorder). I wanted to pass on 2 more pieces of good news. The Redbridge Green Fair has set up a business/community partnership with Mont Rose College that has enabled the fair to go ahead on 29 May. With cuts in the Area Committees budget and the expense of £2800 to hire the field in Valentines Park, Mont Rose College has saved the fair. In return we are going to help the college to connect with the Redbridge community and raise the number of local students. The other is a 9 month project launched at Redbridge CVS last week to support community groups with business seminars and mentoring to reduce reliance on funding. It’s called Enterprising Redbridge and is open to any Redbridge community group, big or small. Information is on the Sophia Hubs Seven Kings website. Ros Southern Chair-Redbridge Green Fair/Coordinator Sophia Hubs Seven Kings

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