Why girls should wear vintage and attend Ilford green pop up market on Saturday!

Hayley ThomasGuest blog by Redbridge vintage Queen and green business – Hayley Thomas

With all of the different places us girls can shop for clothes, why should you choose to spend your hard earned cash on clothing that is vintage? That is the question I am going to answer!

Yes, it’s true that I am a seller of vintage and retro items (my facebook shop is called Pre Loved Boutique+). I always wanted to work for myself – balancing motherhood and working full time it’s not been easy. Thankfully living in Redbridge I’ve been so lucky to meet amazing people who have inspired me and groups like Sophia Hubs have supported me to now start exploring ways I can start trading and set up my own small business and run a vintage stall. (Hayley attended a Sophia course – Ed)

My passion for many years has always been fashion, I’ve been privileged to travel the world and take inspiration from each country as well as picking up many items along the way from flea markets to second hand shops. I now spend my time sourcing items to sell from around the world. I wash and steam iron all my clothing given it a new lease of life.

Classics never go’s out of style. Period. The fashion world is a circle where everything Hayleys vintage Facebook imageold becomes new again. Because of this, vintage is versatile. It can be up to the minute fresh if you so choose, it’s all in how you wear it. Pair vintage items with new accessories or vice versa. Mix and match for an uber-hip look that isn’t dated or retro. Have you ever walked into a party and realized you were wearing the same dress as another girl? We cringe at the thought of this common social misfortune.:D With vintage you are spared these embarrassing moments because vintage is unique and one of a kind.

Vintage has a Positive Environmental Impact.  I am delighted to be part of the new pop up green market in Ilford and be part of a growing green business sector in Redbridge.

Modern girls care about the environment and we should. There is no question that purchasing new clothes has a negative impact on our world – whether it’s through harmful emissions or sweatshop labor, the clothing manufacturing process is destructive.2nd vintage stall


Here’s a few interesting environmental facts about buying new clothes:
1. The average conventional cotton t-shirt takes 150 grams of pesticides to produce.
2. The average westerner’s annual clothing purchases account for about 1/2 the amount of Carbon Dioxide emitted by a small car!
3. America throws away two quadrillion pounds of used clothing each year!!! (Insane).

Now those are some crazy stats but here is the good part: when you buy vintage and retro clothing you are RECYCLING

eco friendly productSo here’s my pitch: why not cut down on the negative impact of the fashion industry by picking up some recycled clothing, jewellery and accessories, from Pre Loved Boutique ? It’s a small way that you can do something for the environment while feeling AND looking good doing it. 🙂

I hope you will visit my Facebook page and attend up the upcoming events to see my stall over the coming months. See you at the Ilford green pop up market on Saturday.



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