Why I think Redbridge business women should try out this networking event on 21 April in South Woodford

Karen Leighton mug shotHi, I’m Karen Leighton and I’m a big believer in networking for your start-up or business.

I think Sophia Hubs supports start-ups brilliantly!  🙂 I’ve attended the entrepreneur’s club as a speaker and to network and belong to the Timebank and have joined fantastic skills swap events.  I want to encourage start-ups (women this time!) to try out another network that I’m part of.

I used Athena Networking to help me firstly to promote my Fitr Kids business and then to develop myself and work out what and where else I wanted to go. The amazing and interesting ladies throughout the Athena Network have helped me immensely and they’re all so lovely.

Athena Ladies Network is holding a Visitors Day at their network lunch meeting in South Woodford on the 21st April and I think you should come! You just pay for your lunch!

Women’s Networking is growing like crazy! Lots of people are waking up to the fact that utilising face to face networking is still one of the most powerful, effective and inexpensive ways to market your business and expand your circle of influence. And women do it so well. Remember- Real (Offline) Networking feeds Social (Online) Networking and vice versa.

So here’s why I am encouraging women in business to attend the network lunch – because all the people out there who could be interested in your business haven’t seen, met or heard about you….. YET!

You have your skill or product – you’ve learnt it, trained for it, passed the exams, practised it, built it and become good at it.
So now you’ve set up your business. Great!…. But why isn’t there a long line of people outside my door wanting to buy from me?
Because no one knows about you… But I have a facebook page…. With 21 likes from my family and a few friends.
Unfortunately, they’re not all likely to buy from you and keep your business going! ….And I have a website which looks really good …but still no one is buying.

Well, it’s time to get out there!

Good Reasons to Attend a Women’s Network

  1. Women often feel safer and find it easier to interact within an all women group.
  2. Women networking with women can build your confidence and your business as you build lasting, meaningful relationships.
  3. You would like for people to know and trust you and your products or service you represent
  4. You would like a comfortable environment to listen and be listened to as you share what you are passionate about
  5. You would like to meet a community of diverse women and learn about the industries they represent.
  6. You would like to position yourself as a leader who makes a difference in your community.

It is worth trying one of these events, just to see how good they are, how they work and if you like them. There is no pressure to ‘sign up’ !
Contact me on 07956 183018 or email me on info@fitrkids.co.uk for more information.

Karen Leighton 🙂

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