Fast track to success with Shahriar Hossain at Redbridge Entrepreneurs Club Thurs 5.30

Shahriar Hossain 2This week’s entrepreneur’s club takes place at Enterprise Desk on Thursday 7th April 5.30-7.30.

The speaker is Newbury Park business consultant Shahriar Hossain of Catalyst who is passionate about success and can break it down into easy chunks and clear actions.  Shahriar Hossain will be visiting Enterprise Desk for the first time but it’s his second booking as a Sophia Hubs entrepreneur’s club speaker.  He has extensive experience of advising businesses and running his own and is a very engaging trainer and speaker.

“This will be an interactive session. Bring pen, paper, have fun and get your business further along!  Please come with the answer to two questions:  Where is your business now?  What do you want to achieve from this session?  Feel free to email them to me in advance. 

This session is aimed at start-ups but is open to any business that want’s to go back to basics, which is our theme this month.  This session will include: speed networking, serious thinking, personal coaching, goal setting.

Please do arrive early to settle in so that the whole two hours can be used well. Please bring the answer to the two questions Shahriar asks above.

Thanks Shahriar – looking forward to it! 🙂

Please do share this to pass the word along.



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